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Press Release: Senate Concurrent Resolution 78

Senate Concurrent Resolution 78

House Concurrent Resolution 1179

Press Release: H.Con.Res.160

Congressional Briefing Circular: H.Con.Res.160


Photograph: Signing of H.Con.Res.160

Washington Times Commentary

Washington Times Editorial

International Newswire Release

Legislative Brief 

Senate Policy Brief

Letter to Chairman of the Senate Committee on Banking

SEC Conference Brief

Transcript of Congressional Testimony

China Demands Fannie Mae / Freddie Mac Bailout - Yet Refuses Repayment of Chinese Government Debt Owed to Americans

China Pays Debt to Soviet Union for Weapons Used to Kill Americans

  Supplemental Information:


 Jim Cramer Exposes Truth on CNBC 

PBS Video: S&P Insiders Reveal Credit Rating Agency Fraud

Congress Investigates Failure of SEC Enforcement Division

New York Attorney General & SEC Launch Investigations: Litigation Anticipated

Moody's Announces Joint Venture with China

SEC Investigation Exposes Conflicts of Interest

SEC Investigative Report

The Ratings Racket

S&P Insider Blows the Whistle on the Practices of the Credit Rating Agencies

FBI Announces Investigation

Antitrust Investigation Targets Credit Rating Agencies

Connecticut Attorney General Files Suit Against Credit Rating Agencies

First Class Action Suits Commence Against Credit Rating Agencies

Standard & Poor's and Moody's: Defendants in Common Law Fraud Suit

Largest U.S. Pension Fund Demands Overhaul of Rating Agencies

Global Market Regulators Announce Investigation

European Regulators Propose International Regulatory Regime

Moody's Largest Shareholder Casts Doubts on Rating Agencies' Futures

Treasury Advisory Panel Head Recommends Breakup of Rating Agencies

Lou Dobbs: Credit Rating Agencies Revealed as Root Cause of Global Financial Crisis

No Bailout for Wall Street Criminals

The TRUTH About the Bailout

Congressional Resource Materials

Congressional Endorsement of International Offset



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