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Risk Review Magazine Feature

MarketWatch / MSNBC: End of the Chinese Miracle?

EIN News: China Factory Closures Shatter 'Decoupling'

Seeking Alpha: Unprecedented Surge in Chinese Government Debt and Stimulus Loans Threatens Prospects for Sustainable Recovery

Seeking Alpha: China's Negative Economic Outlook

24 7 Newswire: Negative Outlook for China's Economy, Chinese Government Bonds

Uncertain Future of China's State Banks: Implications of the Agricultural Bank of China IPO

  Economic Research Bulletins:  

People's Republic of China: Economic Outlook

People's Republic of China Credit Rating Review

Agricultural Bank of China: Research Summary

Zero Hedge: Exposing China's Shadow Banking System

Seeking Alpha (Featured Analysis and Editors' Pick) and NASDAQ Stock Exchange: Chinese Stocks: Classic Value Trap

Special Report on the Future of the Chinese Economy

Cooperative Campaign on Corruption Exposure

Supplemental Information:
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